Pêche à la Truite

Opening Times for 2019

Open everyday from 14th April until 23rd September 9h - 18h


To fish: 8 euros per day - NO KILL

Trout not returned to the lake will be weighed and charged at 8 euros per kilo


All fishing is “catch and release” if you wish to keep some trout for your dinner please bring them to the reception to be weighed, the price is 8 euros per kilo.
Please go to the reception before you begin fishing.
Please use only barbless hooks or flattened barbed hooks.
Please use a landing net for large fish.
Please return fish to the lake immediately, ensuring that they are properly revived.
Injured or damaged fish must not be returned to the lake, and will be charged for.
Please ensure that all fishing line is disposed of in the bin, it can cause damage and injury to both the wildlife and our mowers.
All children must be supervised by a responsible adult (over the age of 18)

No permit is required, admission of visitors is free of charge.

The camping area is private and can only be accessed by residents.